Friday, January 5, 2018

End-of-Week Willingham (1/5/18): Drow Warrior

If you're a fan of the Moldvay/Marsh Basic/Expert era of D&D, you're familiar with the art of Bill Willingham. I have to confess that I've recently delved back into B/X...indeed, thoughts and plans are swirling around in the old noggin with regard to that particular set of rules...

More information to the meantime, enjoy a Mr. Willingham's drow warrior!


  1. B/X is a great set of rules. If your interested check out the project I did combining the texts of the two books into a single volume. Copy and pasting the entire text really made me appreciate it.

    I have some pictures on my blog site.

    1. Cool! Thanks for the heads up about your project, I will check it out!