Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For good or ill, I'm heading into the Hyborean Age!

I did it, folks. With just over an hour to spare in the campaign, I finally decided to dive in and become a "King Level" backer for the Conan board game Kickstarter, by the relatively unknown company known as Monolith. How could I resist, when the game is now "the most successful board game in Kickstarter history"?
I know, I know. The game's original goal was "only" $80,000, but is now over $3.2 MILLION! On top of the core game, it has about a million stretch goals and add-ons that need to be delivered, and it's all supposed to happen by October of this year! Wowy wow wow, right?
Let's hope this doesn't become the most dramatic crash and burn in Kickstarter history, eh? But hey, I'm nothing if not an optimist. Me and 15,622 backers (and still counting for the next 45 minutes or so until the end of this thing, as I write this) couldn't be wrong, right?
The paraphrased words of Arnie's Conan come to mind:

“Crom, I have never prayed to you before. Valor pleases you, so I bid big on the Conan board game Kickstarter. Grant me one request: let this Kickstarter deliver on its promises! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you…and please help me get a refund!”


  1. Conan is a registered trademark...
    I wonder how this is going to end...

    I suspect a lawsuit for monolith games