Friday, August 8, 2014

End-of-Week Elmore (8/8/14)

Ahoy, mates! Been sailing the seas of life of late, which (broken record time) has left me with little time (more like NO time) for anything gaming-related. Again, that's a fate of my own design, and I'm not whining about it. Well, maybe a little. Damn my dreams and aspirations for stealing my RPG time!
Ahem. Anyway. The family and I will soon be heading off to a nearby mountainous region, where there is also a body of water to sail upon. So the illo above is therefore very pertinent. And pert. Those elven pirate wenches, am I right?
Here's to you, fellow gamers! I hope you're sailing on your own high tide of happiness! Until I see the cut of your jib again, may the winds always be in your favor!

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