Friday, December 13, 2013

End-of-Week Elmore (12/13/13)

Season's greetings, folks! I'm going to be showing some snowy Elmore illos for the next few weeks. Brrr, that young lass in the image above makes me cold just looking at her! She needs to cover up a bit more, she'll catch her death! ;-)  Anyway, life is very good, and I'm feeling quite the holiday spirit. It's buoyed my soul, and I'm looking forward to my new attitude and life endeavors bearing fruit, WONDERFUL fruit in the new year!
Still don't have the time for gaming these days, and that's ok. I know there'll be more in the future, sometime. Well, that's all for now, good gentles! Hope your holidays are bright and full of love and laughter. And as always, happy gaming! Roll some polyhedrals for me!


  1. Nice to hear someone enjoying the holidays and not grumbling about them. Great picture, but I disagree, I think she is wearing plenty.

  2. Thanks, Tim. Yep, I'm not one of those that goes in for being down on the holidays. I think if you learn to keep some perspective on stories of holiday greed, and remember that you don't have to participate, you can be much happier this time of year. Don't worry about whether or not other people get it. If you get it, then that's enough. Happy holidays to you and Whisk!