Friday, October 11, 2013

End-of-Week Parkinson 10/11/13

No Elmore art this week...but at least it's Dragonlance! This week I'm giving you a piece from the great Keith Parkinson, one of my other favorite artists. Here are Sturm and Flint, of Companions of the Lance fame. Then there's some other guy in the background...not sure who he is.
I'm dreaming of gaming, folks. I miss it somthing fierce. I haven't been able to make the Wednesday night games at my FLGS of late. I'll go into the reasons in my next post. Until then, the RPG dream never dies. My return to the table-top is inevitable! Happy gaming, folks.


  1. I always thought that was supposed to be Theros Ironfeld. The scene seemed to be taking place as they climbed to the Dragon Monument...

  2. Theros! That makes total sense, and upon closer inspection it definitely looks like it could be him. Thanks for the heads up!