Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Call of the D6

You know, I just noticed that I made my 400th post a couple days ago.* Funny that it was a post about how I created another blog! Well, I don't intend Ethereal Jaunt to be a replacement for Once More Unto the Breach (OMUtB for short). Rather, I intend to use it as a supplemental blog, one that focuses more on reviews of games, fantasy literature, etc. from my perspective. Meanwhile, OMUtB will continue to be a chronicle of my roleplaying (mis)adventures, musings, and occasional self-pity/whining.
ANYway, I'll now get to my point for this, my 401st post: it seems that, lately, I’ve had a strong renewed interest in games that use only six-sided dice. What?! Roleplaying without the sacred twenty-sider involved?! Blasphemy! ;-)

Anyway, the d6 games I'm most interested in include:
I felt a strong drive to run a game using the Dragon Age RPG, and held my first session last week.
I've owned Paolo Greco's cool and quirky Adventure Fantasy Game for some time now.

I also own the wonderful Heroes & Other Worlds.
I have a copy of Jonathan Becker's Five Ancient Kingdoms fantasy adventure game.
I've also felt the urge to investigate the Ennie-winning Dungeon World (though this does use some other polyhedrals for damage, I believe...but primarily uses the d6).
But before all of the above, I had a long-time interest in Barbarians of Lemuria.

Wow, seeing the list written out sure makes me think my d6 obsession is bigger than I thought! I don't know what it is; there is just something so very cool about gaming with just the d6, if you ask me. It feels like a harkening back to a "simpler" gaming age, before all the "strange" polyhedrals came to dominate. It also strikes me as damned practical: even the most "non-gamer" home will probably have some lying around.

I am going to try to do some reviews of the above systems eventually (hopefully a sooner-rather-than-later eventually). And, of course, those reviews will be posted at Ethereal Jaunt!

So, what d6-based games have YOU come to appreciate?

* Perhaps 400 is not such an impressive number, considering that my blog is over three years old! I'm not the most prolific of bloggers...


  1. The Fantasy Trip and its descendants: Legends of the Ancient World and Heroes and Other Worlds.

    (Also Car Wars and Traveller, of course.)

    1. Doh! How could I forget Heroes and Other Worlds (which I also own)! Error corrected!

  2. Heresy, sir! You can pry my polyhedrals from my cold, dead hands.

    Seriously, though, my first encounter with D&D at age 8 or so was a friend's Basic Set, and I remember being enchanted by all the weird dice. So I've preferred polyhedrals in my games ever since. I have to admit that any RPG that uses only d6s is kind of a turnoff for me right out of the gate; it comes across to me as "bland".

    (I've never played the d6 system, though, and I have a feeling I'd be okay with that, because getting to roll lots of d6s at once is a nice trade-off for only having one type of die.)

    One of the things I really like about Dungeon World, actually, is the fact that although the basic mechanic uses 2d6, you still get to roll polyhedrals for damage. Nice compromise.

  3. I also love six-siders (especially casino and backgammon dice), which is why I wrote Swords & Six-Siders. It can be downloaded for free from my website:

    It is almost exclusively a 1d6 system, although some spells require rolling multiple d6s.