Friday, June 28, 2013

End-of-Week Elmore (6/28/13)

As I was digging around for my weekly Elmore offering, I came across the image to the left above. Did Elmore do an update of Aleena the cleric?! Compare the image to the left with the classic Aleena illo from Mentzer's Red Box. Hmmm, interesting.
If I'm totally behind the times on this revelation, I wouldn't be surprised, and I apologize for being way too excited about old news! Anyone got some context for the more recent illo above? I'm curious about where it was used...
Anyway, speaking of Red Box, I think my recent fit of manic nostalgia for Basic D&D has cooled down over the last week or so. Probably because I've got no time to dither between systems, and because I actually did some reading of the Red Box books, and that interaction with the object of my obession seemed to satisfy said obesssion for the nonce.

Most importantly, I don't want to subject my great group of gamers to rampant campaign and/or rule set hopping. While I don't think I've jumped around too much over the last couple years, I have indeed run a couple different campaigns, and alternated between Castles & Crusades and Labyrinth Lord. That reminds me of a thought I had: sometime in the future, I want to ask my players choose their favorite characters from my prior campaigns, and use those characters in an "all-star" campaign of sorts. Just brainstorming...
At any rate, the Labyrinth Lord rules are working quite well for my current purposes, thank you very much! Speaking of which, we had a pretty cool session three of my Beyond the Westwall campaign this past Wednesday! I'll post a session report as soon as I can. Until then, have a great weekend, folks!

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