Friday, March 15, 2013

End-of-Week Elmore (3/15/13)

Ugh, I notice that I've got two EoWE posts back-to-back. Sorry, folks. That's really because I had jury duty over the last couple weeks. We came to a verdict this past Wednesday, so my time of service to our justice system has ended. It's crazy how much jury duty can throw your regular life off, but I do feel good for having been able to serve.
At any rate, for your viewing pleasure, I give you "Chicks and Chained Male." Heh heh. No really, that's what the illo above is called. Hey, what guy doesn't like it when women are fighting over him, chains or no chains, right? I bet the blond is the evil one, too.
Well, anyway, I hope to get back to some more substantive posting ASAP. Until then, happy gaming! As for me, tonight I'm heading off for a second session of Pathfinder in my "side group." Whoot!

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