Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How is everyone enjoying their October?

 I won't bore you with saying sorry for lack of posts, and move right on to my post! I know I am enjoying my favorite month, but I always feel like I am not doing enough to celebrate it. I've felt this way all my life. I always feel there is more I could be doing during Halloween Month, as I like to consider it.

In addition to that annual feeling, I am also feeling a bit sad about the warm temperatures that seem to have prevailed in recent years during October. I find myself missing the many crisp days of past Octobers. Many trees where I live seem to bypass the changing of colors, their leaves simply turning brown and falling off. There are some trees that still change, though, but this other trend is disturbing.

At any rate, as is my tradition during this time of year, I've picked up beloved tales of horror by Lovecraft and other authors and am rereading them lovingly. And since this is the first October since I've started gaming again in earnest, I've injected some horror into recent sessions.

If you love October, give a shout out to this greatest of months and let us know how you celebrate!


  1. Love October. Love fall. And right now I'm hoping my new boss okays my Halloween stay-cation.

    Toes crossed.

    Happy Fall :-)

  2. Hey Whisk! Yeah, that's ANOTHER thing I always mean to do every October: take some significant time off during the month...the better to do some seasonal activities (pumpkin picking, autumn hikes, Halloween stuff, etc).

  3. Yeah, it's a great time for a stay-cation because when we go somewhere, it's not loaded with other vactioners. Is that even a word?

    Anyway, not sure if I'll get it this year with the new job, but Tim got his and I'll be home early enough from prep, to still enjoy more of the day.

    Happy October.

  4. Check it:


  5. So, I totally commented on this the other day from my little tablet computer, but it just wouldn't seem to post for some reason.


    October is by far my favorite month of the year as well, even though it's annoying that here in Southern California it's been 85+ degrees nearly every day. We broke 100 a couple of days last week. The newscaster said that apparently October is actually the hottest month in the Los Angeles area (during the day; the temps at night actually do cool down quite a bit in the Fall).

    October is the month that I met my (now) wife - 16 years ago this coming up Friday 10/21. So, that has special meaning to us, but I definitely liked it before then... the (supposed to be) cooler temperatures, leaves falling, the actual smell of Autumn in the air (I remain convinced that there's a smell of Autumn, mostly created by the rotting leaves, but it smells good, not gross). It's also the start of a long three months of holidays, and I don't just mean the traditional "Big Three." There are tons of other cool days the fall during Autumn, like all of the assorted "Day of the Dead/All Saints Day/All Souls Day," there's St. Andrew's Day (Patron Saint of Scotland and the day when it was though that vampires came out of their graves to fight each other at night), and St. Martin's Day, a special favorite of mine.

    We've slowly been trying to put up our Autumn decorations - pumpkins, fall candles, old dried leaves that we've collected, our antique Halloween postcards, vintage green skeleton blinking lights that we hang in the window, our pumpkin ale pint glasses (along with actual Pumpkin ale, of course!), books about Halloween, ghosts, Autumn rituals, recipe books... there's quite a bit of stuff, actually.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting on my favorite month and sharing your preparations. Very cool.