Friday, February 4, 2011

D&D on Community Last Night

So, anyone catch the D&D episode of Community last night?

I watched it, and yes, it poked fun at the game, but I think it wasn't all just a cheap shot at the game. Or maybe it was, because I am pretty sure that I am not a reliable source of information anymore, since I am getting older and, well, getting mentally slower/dumber. At any rate, personnally, I feel you have to have a sense of humor about most things in life. So let the people laugh at D&D! We as players here on the blogosphere are not the insecure teenagers we used to be, and we can stand up to the mockery! We have the last laugh, because we know how great a thing RPGs are!

All I know is I laughed a lot during the show. Community has some stinkers for episodes, but sometimes they get it right. And Chang is a big part of the goodness of the show. Seriously, no matter what actor Ken Jeong is in, he kills me!

Anyone reading this: I'd like to know your thoughts, opinions...even reviews of the episode.


  1. I have seen clips of this show but haven't seen this one.

  2. The writers were clearly laughing with us, not at us. I think they understand D&D from the inside, and the players. The things they got dead wrong (like only the DM ever rolling dice and naked imaginary Chevy Chase doing what he did with the module) are there for dramatic effect.

    I don't even think this episode is FOR people who know nothing about D&D. I honestly think it is a fan-fic intended to be shown in back rooms at gaming conventions for year to come - payed for unwittingly by NBC. :)

    - Ark

  3. I've heard about this upcoming show but missed it last night. I'll check it out on hulu once it's posted.

  4. BTW, here's some behind the scenes stuff for the episode:

  5. Just watched it finally over the weekend. I was rooting for that 20 but was happy with the 19.

  6. Yeah, that last d20 roll should have been a natural 20! But oh well...