Friday, January 28, 2011

Rage Against the Layering of the White!

I officially hate winter. And snow. Most of all snow. Apologies to my young children, who like all of their ilk are enchanted by snow. But there can indeed be too much of anything, my friends, even an enchanting thing. Ask Ed Pevensie about Turkish delight, for example.

My ire toward the season springs from many reasons (heh, rhyme). I'm tired of the backbreaking labor and repetitive nature of shoveling. I'm tired of how it impedes my freedom of movement. Tired of how it gets in the way of things that cause me happiness (i.e. libraries closing, friends unable to come over, etc). The last item is the real reason behind this idiotic post, as, you see, the snow caused me to have to cancel our regularly scheduled game session last night. Curse you, snow!

I refuse to let snow cause any sort of disruption in the life of my growing RPG campaign! I will fight against the insidious enemy, whether it comes in its fluffy form or its wet and heavy guise. I will not let the thrice-damned specter of winter succeed in its bid to stymie my game! I will regroup, and take my players under my protective wing, and we will not lose faith!

Pardon me, it's 4:30 on a Friday know how one can get at a time like this. But if anyone out there is reading this, and this particularly brutal winter and its wave after wave of snow has caused you RPG grief, please, feel free to share your pain. Share it with me like you would share it with Sybok. And now that I have tainted my blog with a Star Trek reference, I bid you adieu for the nonce.

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